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Vanilla, chocolate or yellow butter cake with vanilla or chocolate frosting, your choice of colored border and print. Additional charge for fondant covering, fondant decoration, different cake flavors and/or fillings.

SHEET CAKES (base prices)

             Small 1/4 sheet, serves 24 - $50

             Large 1/4 sheet, serves 28 - $55

             11” x 15”, serves 41 - $80

             1/2 sheet, serves 48 - $95

             Full sheet, serves 96 - $190


Round/Square layer cakes start at $3.00/serving

Tiered cakes start at $4.00/serving

Carved cakes start at $5.00/serving


(No decoration, just a pretty cake)

Carrot, Coconut, German chocolate,

Hummingbird, Italian cream, Red velvet

6" (serves 12) - $36

7" (serves 16) - $48

8" (serves 24) - $72

9" (serves 30) - $90



Decorated with/without sprinkles. Special decoration, multiple colors of frosting and toppers are an additional charge.

One dozen minimum/one flavor per dozen​



Classic - starts at $25/dozen

Chocolate, Vanilla, Yellow Butter

Supreme - starts at $30/dozen

    Chocolate Chip                Red Velvet

    Coconut                           Salted Caramel

    Cookies ‘n Cream           Snickerdoodle

    Key Lime                        Strawberry

    Lemon                             Vanilla Confetti

    Marble                             Wedding

Ultimate - starts at $35/dozen

    Carrot                               Mimosa*

    German Chocolate           Mint Chocolate

    Hummingbird                  PB & Chocolate

    Italian Cream                   Pink Champagne*

    Margaritaville*                Pistachio Almond

*contains alcohol

Succlent and floral cupcakes

start at $40.



Wedding cakes are priced according to the number of servings as well as how elaborate the decoration. Cake flavor(s), fillings, number of tiers and shape will also affect final price.


Classic (2 tier) - base price $4.00/serving

Vanilla, chocolate or yellow butter cake

with bare, smooth or textured buttercream frosting and basic design work.

Supreme (2 tier) - base price $5.00/serving

Choose any Contemporary flavor with smooth or textured buttercream frosting. Design work is moderate in complexity and may include some fondant work.


Ultimate (2 tier) - base price $6.00/serving

Your choice of cake flavor and filling for each tier, frosted with buttercream in your choice of color. Each tier may be decorated with a different theme or pattern and may include a combination of buttercream, fondant and/or small gumpaste flowers.


    Blackberry                         Peanut Butter

    Blackberries & Cream       Raspberry

    Blueberry                           Salted Caramel

    Chocolate Ganache            Strawberry

    Lemon Curd                       White Chocolate

    Mixed Berry                           Ganache