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The Great Cakery understands the importance of your wedding day and believes that such an important celebration deserves a very special cake. We take great pride in making each and every wedding cake perfect for your special day.



The price of a wedding cake varies with the complexity of the design, the number of

guests you are going to serve and the flavors you choose (flavors are on the Menu page under Cupcakes). Starting price of $5.50 per serving is for a 2-tier cake. This base price includes one cake and frosting flavor with simple design. Additional tiers, flavors, intricate piping or fondant decoration will add to the per serving price.



Quotes are given based on the same criteria as Special Occasion Cakes.


(potential wedding clients only)

Up to four 5" mini cakes in your choice of flavors will be boxed for pick up. Prices depend on the flavor ($8-$10 per cake), and this fee is credited back if you choose us to make your cake. Tasting cakes do not include fillings.


Based on roundtrip mileage from The Great Cakery to the venue, travel time and the number of cakes and/or cupcakes being set up.


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